What You’ll Need To Slip Behind The Wheel Of A New Mercedes-Benz | Wappingers Falls, NY

March 9th, 2020 by

We know you’ve worked extremely hard to get to the point where you can treat yourself to your dream Mercedes-Benz, which is why stopping into Mercedes-Benz of Wappingers Falls is such an exciting experience! Buying a new vehicle is always a fun time, but buying a new Mercedes-Benz is a dream come true for many. So when the time comes we want to make sure it is as smooth as possible. So before you stop in for your test drive it’s important that you remember to bring a couple of things so you don’t have to come back a second time! So what do you need to bring? Take a peek below and once the time to slip behind the wheel of a new Mercedes-Benz comes, be sure to schedule a test drive with your friends at Mercedes-Benz of Wappingers Falls! 

  • Your driver’s license: Your I.D. is proof that you are a legally registered driver, this is important since you have to drive off the lot. Your driver’s license is a way to identify that the check or another form of payment is actually yours, too. 
  • Your payment form: Whether it is a bank, credit union, or personal check, pre-approved loan, or any other payment form – be sure to bring it. If you are planning to put money towards a down payment you will need some way to pay for it.  
  • Proof of insurance: In order to drive your new vehicle off the lot, you will need proof of insurance. It’s a good idea to call your insurance company ahead of time and add the new vehicle to your existing policy. You’ll need the car’s VIN number to set this up. You can also call from the dealership and have them fax or email the insurance card to the dealership. 
  • Title/ Registration for your trade-in: If you are trading in a vehicle, be sure to bring the title. If you have a co-signer or a lien against the car, get the appropriate signature ahead of time. This part can be tricky and sometimes causes a hold-up. Give the dealership a call if you are unsure how to go about this. Also, you will need a copy of your current registration. 
  • Loan account number: If you are trading in a vehicle and still owe on your loan, bring the loan account number. This number is on one of your pay stubs. You can also call the lender beforehand and ask how to facilitate the transaction. 
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